Warning – The Master Wave

Warning – The Master Wave. Released by the ever-fantastic Digitalis Industries

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From the label:
The Master Wave came into being because of a late night, beer-heavy conversation that I had with Joe Houpert (Loud & Sad, Prayer, etc) in May of last year. Loud & Sad had stopped in Tulsa for a few days of beering, tacoing, and recording (all extreme successes) and one night the subject of Warning came up. I had no idea what it was. When he got back to Philly, mp3s were sent over and I was hooked. This trio of Houpert, Houpert (Jean, his wife), and Steve Perrucci know how to pummel circuits and destroy grooves at the flip of a switch.

I don’t even know what you’d call this. Elements of free jazz creep in at times while synths and oscillators flesh out skeletal bass lines that beg to die under a mountain of fuzz. Even then, once it seems to make sense, Warning are happy to throw sixteen more wrenches into any notions you may have with casio scree and tape loops galore. It’s such a distinct and bizarre listening experience that the only real answer to start it over from the beginning. Edition of 50.
-brad rose