Loud and Sad – Whale Fall vol. 1

WF1 from dust in the light on Vimeo.

The beginning of the series…the inevitability of death, and life thereafter…
Made with love and a TEAC 3440 in April 2010 by Joe Houpert & Nathan McLaughlin…Phoenixville, PA.

Review by Justin Spicer at TMT:
There are those individuals who seem to go unnoticed, even by those who take care to notice all talent no matter the width of the spotlight. So goes the story of Nathan McLaughlin, whose Echolocation tapes have sold out quickly, but revelations of his droned brilliance continue to be few and far between. So how does one get the world to take even less notice? Join with equally brilliant and ignored Joe Houpert and form the duo, Loud & Sad. Once more, their Digitalis cassette vanished quickly into the dense, misty drones of their own Whale Fall Vol. 1, but who was buying and why must they keep such a tight lid on such immense talent? For the dozens of you who read Cerberus, we share Houpert and McLaughlin’s skills here. The two pieces that envelope Whale Fall sway with the melody of ocean waves and the beauty of whale songs and sea sounds, focused on Zen isolation of the open water rather than the desolation and despair that comes with being sun-roasted shark bait. The B-side is the more haunting track, using electronic tricks to capture the underwater communiqués of ocean mammals, cephalopods, and aquatic vertebrates. Loud & Sad have done the likes of Jean Painleve and Jacques Cousteau proud.